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Products & Services

BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada's (formerly GEH Canada) involvement with the CANDU industry dates from the earliest years of the nuclear industry in Canada. In 1955, the Company co-developed Ontario’s first CANDU reactor in partnership with Ontario Hydro and Atomic Energy Canada Limited. Today, as BWXT, we continue our commitment to the advancement of the CANDU industry by remaining at the forefront of technology in the development, design, and supply of products & services for CANDU reactors worldwide.

Features & Benefits

  • BWXT has been designing and supplying highly reliable nuclear equipment to fuel, inspect, and refurbish reactors for over 55 years
  • Reliable and innovative CANDU fuel solutions based on our history, knowledge, and proven experience
  • Experience from the original provider of key tools and services for CANDU fuel channel installation and maintenance
  • Comprehensive and OEM solutions for spare parts and maintenance needs

Learn more about our products and services on our main bwxt.com site.